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The Scientists Said That the Breakfast Not An Important Things

The Scientists Said That the Breakfast Not An Important Things

Breakfast is an important thing, so if it is the belief by many people. The body will be much healthier if you regularly eat breakfast, the body becomes more slender if you have breakfast, and breakfast will be able to reduce the possibility of a desire to be able to snack throughout the day. However, research also shows that breakfast is not really an important thing.

Launched by the site, researchers from the University of Bath has found that the health of people who have breakfast and do not eat breakfast there a kind of difference. No changes in the metabolism of those who often have breakfast and I never have breakfast. Easy, breakfast and no breakfast will be no different. Precisely those breakfast typically consume about 700 more calories at breakfast.

This will certainly contrary to our belief that breakfast is the most vital meal. But in the end, they were not going to have breakfast really is not any problem. This research itself will be conducted as lead investigator, James Betts will not eat breakfast at all. People around James had often warned that it is a very bad habit. To quickly prove it, James did some of this research.

They often say that as an expert in the field of nutrition and metabolism, then I would have to understand the importance of breakfast, "said James." In the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the so entrenched in society, but the scientific evidence will be very useful in breakfast is still sorely lacking, "

The results of this study are also written in the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition. That is another study on people who like the breakfast and no breakfast to see if breakfast can also make the weight to be reduced, in fact is not. After 4 months of the study, both groups were also diligent in breakfast and do not eat breakfast will not experience any changes in the body.

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