Almond Milk Is Potentially Dangerous For Children

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Almond Milk Is Potentially Dangerous For Children

Almond Milk Is Potentially Dangerous For Children
Almond milk has recently gained huge popularity. It is replacing regular milk if you are a vegetarian or have some problems, not giving you a digest ordinary milk. However, recent experiments have shown reports that children can not drink almond milk.

The fact that in Spain after consuming almond milk in one 11-month old child developed scurvy. The child is not given itself the milk, and baby food based on almond milk intended for children older than 10 weeks. Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C. This deficiency leads to disruption of the synthesis of collagen and connective tissue becomes fragile. Symptoms include bleeding gums, protruding eyes and slowing of bone growth.

It is well known: the abused child in the first 2.5 months of eating a normal baby food, but then my parents moved to the almond milk on the recommendations of the doctor, identify a child's rash. A child like almond milk, and at first there were no problems. However, at the age of eight months there were difficulties in maintaining balance in the sitting position.

At 11 months, the child was crying when moved his arms and legs, and the legs do not hold. X-rays showed a fracture in the legs and spine. Then, and was diagnosed with scurvy. A diet rich in milk, cereals, fruits, supplements with vitamins C and D has improved the condition of the child. In 13 months, he began to walk normally. So now, experts have warned of the dangers of almond milk.
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