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  1. To work one or more foods until smooth and creamy with a spoon or spatula, rubbing the food against the sides of the mixing bowl until of the consistency of cream. See creaming.
  2. A rich filling for cakes, eclairs, cream puffs, flans, or fancy tarts. It is somewhat similar to custard filling.
  3. The rich, fatty, aggregation of oil globules found in milk.
  • half and half cream - It is a blending of heavy cream and milk and has about 12% butterfat, 7% milk solids, and 51% water.
  • heavy cream - Also called whipping cream. It contains about 40% butterfat, 5% milk solids, and over 50% water.
  • light cream - It contains about 20% butterfat and 7% milk solids; the rest is water.
  • sour cream - This is cream that has been processed commercially so as to be soured under ideal conditions. It contains about 20% butterfat, 7% milk solids, and the remainder is water.

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