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"Ambrosia (am-BROH-zhah)"

  1. The name is sometimes applied to certain beverages.
  2. A traditional Christmas dish in many Southern homes, where the dessert is served in the best cut-glass bowl from the sideboard. It usually consists of chilled fruit (usually oranges and bananas) mixed with coconut.

History: In Greek mythology, this was a balsamic juice, which served as the "food of the gods" and was said to preserve their immortality, and without this substance, they became weak. Hebe, the daughter of Zeus and Hera, served the Gods Ambrosia and Nectar. One day she tripped and fell so Zeus dismissed her and in the shape of an eagle. A human being who took Ambrosia became strong and immortal, and received additional beauty, strength, and swiftness (becoming in some measure akin to the gods).

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