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It is the cultivation of the sea. The term refers specifically to the intensive production of fish and shellfish in a controlled environment for human food. It is an ancient practice in Asia but it has only began approximately 20 years ago in the U.S., but in virtually no time has become one of the fastest growing segments of the United States economy.
  • offshore farming - It takes place in deep, navigable waters and involves the use of boats.
  • onshore farming - It is done in shallow waters where boats are not necessary.
  • tank culture - It is another form of onshore farming. Tanks, usually made of steel and reinforced cement, or fiberglass in a variety of shapes, are used to contain populations of fish in water.
  • pond culture - It is the most widely used method of fish farming. All catfish farming is pond raised. The farming is done in man-made ponds that are drainable and often incorporate a system of dikes for harvesting.
  • tray culture - A tray culture involves the use of a permanent structure for mollusks to attach themselves to. Trays are set underwater in calm bays or estuaries to stimulate the growth of clams, oyster, and other shellfish. Sometimes ropes or strings are hung into the water for mussels and scallops to grow on.

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