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Espresso is a process of extracting flavor from coffee beans. Served in very small cups, this is a dark, strong coffee made by forcing steam through finely ground, Italian-roast coffee. The literal meaning of the word espresso is, made on the spur of the moment or fast.
History: In 1901, Italian Luigi Bezzera invented and espresso and the first espresso machine that contained a boiler and four divisions. Each could take varying sized filters that contained the coffee. He patented his espresso machine on September 1, 1902, which he called the "Espresso Coffee Machine." According to historians, he was not happy because his employees were taking too long for their coffee breaks! If only he could shorten the brewing process used to make traditional coffee, his employees would take shorter breaks. Bezzera had an idea to introduce pressure to the coffee brewing process, reducing the time needed to brew. His marketing efforts were unsuccessful, and he became penniless.
In 1905, Desidero Pavoni purchased Bezzera's patent and began manufacturing machines based on the Bezzera style machine. In 1906 the original Espresso Coffee was presented to the world at an exhibition in Milano, Italy. They mass produced these machines and in 1927 the first espresso machine was installed in the United States at Regio's in New York. Regio's still displays the machine.

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